Cleaning Tips: Going Green — Here To Stay?

Practical advice to get the job done more efficiently

Using green products to clean carpet and hard floors is not only good for the environment — it’s good for business.

The reason is that people have come to expect a certain level of “green” and they turn to companies that announce they are green. Professional carpet cleaners know this, which is one reason that’s number two most-watched quick-clip video of 2012 was “Green Cleaning: Fading Away?”

The basics of green cleaning begin with an understanding of the products that are a fundamental part of any green cleaning program. As the movement has matured, a general agreement has developed around definitions of cleaning products that have a preferred environmental safety and health profile.

In short, green products need to meet certain criteria. According to ISSA, you can classify a product as green if it is one of the following:

If you use green-certified cleaning products, you can ensure you’re getting “marketing credit” in the eyes of your customers by including some simple statements in your marketing materials. “Green” may not be capturing the headlines, but consumers are still concerned about the safety of products used in their homes and businesses. Check out your marketing and update them if necessary to reflect your use of green products. And if you don’t use green products, it’s time to learn!

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