Living in a ‘cluttered’ house can be stressful and make you feel tired. This is why ‘Getting organised‘ is probably at the top of your home resolution list this year. By getting rid of things that you no longer need at your house, you can display stuffs that bring joy to you and your family. Whether you plan to tackle it in a week or just to take it slowly, commit to your own decluttering project and aim to achieve your goals.

Get your gloves ready! Here are some tips for you to declutter your space:

1. Create a checklist: Creating a checklist or a to-do list can help you save time, money and energy for your home decluttering project. The list will help you to determine things that you need to clean or products that you need to buy. As an example, if you need to clean stains on your carpets, you can write down the most essential carpet stain removal products to buy in your list. This will save you lots of money and time.

2.Get rid of unnecessary items: The next step is to get rid of the things you no longer need and keep items you truly need. One less item at your house means one less item to be cleaned.

3. Do look down: Your carpets may be a perfect hideaway spot for germs, dust and bacteria. Your children may come into contact often with the carpets; either to play or just to lay down. Guess what? Vacuuming the carpets weekly is simply not enough. You need to deep clean your carpets regularly and hiring a professional carpet cleaner may be your best bet to do so.

Office cleanliness is vital as it is highly related to workers productivity.A clean office is a safe and healthy place to work in and is also visually appealing and a good impression to company’s clients.Services of a Commercial cleaning company, office, and factory buildings can range from small, medium to large ones and can also be a regular or a one-off service.

Cleaning companies have invested in cleaning equipment like Vacuum cleaning equipment and sanitizing treatments.In this article we will discuss basic steps of a commercial cleaning company, office cleaning more particularly:

1. Organizing the loose and piled papers.A cleaning company first works on the files and placing them in a cabinet as labeled to declutter the office space.

2. Dusting the vertical walls, doors and cleans any marks on the walls.Cleaning the ceiling .air vents, window sills and removing cobwebs.

3. Sweep the footpaths and floors and empty garbage and dustbins in the entire office.Cleaning the office furniture by wiping them with special cleaning agents.

4. Cleaning the break room and office kitchen.Clean all the kitchen upholstery like dishwashers, fridge, microwaves and coffee making machines.Cleaning the sink and the floor.

5. Cleaning the bathrooms with sanitizing treatments, cleaning the vanity, taps, basin.Mops all the floor areas with water and disinfectant to remove bad odors and kill any bacterias.

6. Carpet cleaning by vacuuming the office carpets and under the desks.Mops the front and the rear entrance, footpaths, back entrances and even the parking bay.

7. After cleaning they use air fresheners to give the office a good aroma.Office cleaning agents need to have skills to use cleaning equipments and agents.They also need to wear protective gears and proper safety wears while cleaning.

A lot of folks these days seem to think that the way they do things is the right way and that nobody should do things any other way, and won’t even accept that different people do different things differently. However, I have been around the block and been doing things for many years now and I have come to learn that everybody is different in their own way.

When it comes to cleaning, it seems that everybody does things in different ways and, thanks to those of you who hate to clean or declutter, I have been able to run a successful cleaning business for many years now. Here I will give you some of my top tips on how you can best clean and declutter but, when push comes to shove, I am really here to do it for you.